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DaggerMalaga is an ancient weapon, a dagger in the peninsula.The following story I recognize and appreciate the value of knowledge about the invention of the ancient weapon of ancient Malayan people who until now was a little hard to know which weapon is the beauty of art. the formation of spiritual, cultural beliefs about the Stiletto. This knowledge is intended to match the local culture and social implications that are hidden or encourage the use or carry any weapons such as the former.The dagger is a weapon that which is indicative of a fighter. Social and economic status. Rank, status and title of the owners family. The widespread use of the Thai Buddhists and Thai Muslims in southern Thailand. Malaysia, Indonesia, or until the charm is that the whole of the Malayan peninsula.Kris said that Indonesia, which appears to be the main weapon. That the sword is a weapon which has not found the knife. The knife was found on the walls of the church's Java suku mid 14th century as the main god of warriors, Bhima of Java are using a hot iron in my hand a dagger, which were both followed their knees. In the 14th century, this legendary dagger that is said to be quite diverse. The Legend of Kung active Hindus (Hindu King Sakutrum) even as the Mach Dagger Hit Club has been widely used portable and available at all times. In the 15th century, ever since the 19th century beliefs about the Stiletto at the start of the Hindu faith, Islam. Use the knife and the knife must be in Israel and the religion of peace Kitts strictly.The dagger of the individual that are associated with a phenomenon of nature and the flesh of a poniard A dagger would be recruiting up to 20 types of steel are fused together with the processes and rituals that are required to complete the process of faith and superstition. The sharp teeth of the tiger Praduh. And bend flame Praduh to the courage and power. Kris is a sacred weapon to eliminate the hazard and unfavorable fortune, depending on the metal blending process to form a knife up to the GC Woolley has classified the knife. The form of the handle.A. Krishna group of fungi, including the Bali and Bali Lombok Madura dagger sharp knife slipped into it glistening. Beef flat iron lines. Dagger in the hilt, the Balinese people. See the most popular on the handle with ivory or ornamental designs.Two. Knife handle made of the abstract model of Java is not a definite shape. It is similar to the one shaped like a boat.Three. Dagger in the northern peninsula. The ferrule holder covered her ears with a shoulder width rectangle. The man is sitting arms folded shoulder seem to handle the cold was shivering with fever.Four. Knife and Bugis common in Malaysia. Handle carved fantastic.Five. Knife and Sumatra. The long, sharp dagger-like leaves, smooth, narrow flutes. The center is serrated. Dagger handles were often made of horn and ivory dagger.6. Dagger of the Sun. A similar adaptation of the sword. Krabi has a dagger-like knife, but the shell appears prominently.The dagger in the southern part of Thailand. There are two types of the dagger.A. Knife blade with a sharp knife Prue is the second word is spear. There is a groove on the knife blade parallel to the knife groove 2-4.Two. Knife and a dagger that is a curve to bend back like flame.A dagger is a weapon which in the past. Is a key partner in the South and in the Malayan peninsula, no less than the sword as a weapon of the Thai people. The traditional cultural values, beliefs, art and beauty. Research technician at the local or city. Bong said the self-identity through a little. However, there is a class of people in the past to the present, can indicate the social status as well, and admirable in wisdom. The dagger is also considered to be armed with the king's role in the Malayan peninsula, which is used in ceremonies for the main body, as in Malaysia, Brunei and Thailand, however, in itself. Kris is still considered a weapon, coupled with a belief in social rituals. It is a Dagger to the trade. Designed as a souvenir of his valuable and original local art. Crafts and preserve the family to remain with the children of the next generation.For example, all dagger belongs to the institution which he represented in the study room and a weapon.


Golden Mountain Wat Saket

Royal Banpot (Golden Mountain).
The Royal Mountain Royal Mountain Banpot or Banpot or Golden Mountain Wat Saket is Jed. The Old City. BangkokSkull of King Rama I had the intention to build a third tower of the Golden Mountain. Pour in a high place in the city like a nice old city. The Temple Mountain. At the field edge The pagoda is to the copyrights for music. Sakwa and during the reign of the third annual gain was selected as the construction of Wat Saket.The construction of the wooden structure into a large pagoda. Pour into a timber where the table. The laterite soil, so it's always up to the brick. The stone pagoda in the Lord of the Rat into the store's sales. The building does not simply collapse. This is due to break down the construction area near a canal. The ground is not strong enough to pin the antenna around Phra Prang do not have to break out of the soil. It started as a settlement, but it also is the temporary cessation of construction until the end of the third brush.But enough to reign in 4 BC, when King Rama V in 2406. Was graciously pleased to re-establish.Six months of 2407 Year of the Ox King, presided over the headstone and 4 to change the name. The crematorium at Sanam Luang Royal Banpot. Mountain of the "arch Banpot" This building was converted to the pagoda. The mountain has a pagoda on top. Contain the relics on high. A spiral staircase up to two lines. Time to enjoy the festival.Construction in the reign of the four had not yet completed. The reign of the 5th Mountain Majesties to the building that remains to complete.To contain the relics hidden inside the pagoda, there were several. Since 2422 the Indian government is offering any relics. Mined which of the old pagoda in development since Kbil Dut. The casket contained a letter or mount Prahmi intelligent high inscription that "these relics. The Buddha (Gautama Samana) Saki royal family. Receive any share in the body of Buddhist monks fighting "to reign upon the fifth, then please proclaim to be loaded in high pagoda.During the day of the year, Jed Wat Saket is a tradition called the "Golden Mountain" time is approximately 7-10 days, it is one important measure.

Chiang Saen Buddha image.

Chiang Saen Buddha image.
Buddha, born in Chiang Saen in northern Thailand. Current is a district in Chiang Rai. Approximately 17 to 21 Century gorgeous looks formidable serpent like lion king Has called a Sing Sing Sing, two, three.
Scholars have speculated that the two cases have been influenced by the nature. The first case is deemed to have been influenced by Buddhism and Indian style spa. Much of northern Thai elephants suffer in life as a stone Buddha, remains sports. At Wat Chiang Man. Chiang Mai Province. The second case that has been influenced by the Buddha, Gupta period of India.
The Buddha as Srivijaya. Because the image is similar to Chiang Saen art Srivijaya.
The Art House is involved, may have a different base with lotus. The London art has expanded to the West 2 (Na) to the south (City) on the City's growth has come in the back. And the Buddha Rai has been a model.
The first is the art of real London is the main trunk.
His plump body. The presence of a small round mouth Prahnu Aura is the crux of the Bulge, the radius of the circular Bawtom or against a short robe and snuggle. Chiang Saen Buddha image, the first is called Sing Sing is one of the two models. Three generations of a lion.
For the Buddha in the next generation will look stiff. The gentle sweetness. The thin, spindly body asymmetry. His face is oval. Male Sagฆaฏi long. Buddha, born a generation after this.
Lord Buddha and Bodhisattva Haripunchai County was also released as the next. In the Kingdom of Laos.

Pancajanya Sankha

Pentathlon with a Horn (Pancajanya Sankha).
        The conch is blown to achieve victory. In the epic Mahabharata says that Krishna, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, one Pang Sang-blown battle between the fields of shrimp farming model. The war of the 'Pan's rules with the old hospital.
        Fletcher out of the creeks, as well as the pentathlon with a confused understanding. Does not appear in the epic Mahabharata. The epic Ramayana and Vishnu Purana. Was formed by mixing Ekษiirsomutr.
        After the first 14 of the glass, then stir Ekษiirsomutr. Will discuss this further in "Willd own path".

Origin of Apsara

Origin of Apsara (Angel Island).
                The story of a Hindu deity to worship Vishnu as the Protector of the world. I have that.
The Angels led by Indra with his desire to be immortal. To win the battle of the devil. We have to change attitudes.
Lord Vishnu decided to perform the ceremony. "Retired Marine agitation" to the drinking water Amฤt to make a living.
How long is it in between the mountains and the Lord preserves the Naga serpent rope billion. By the two parties.
Rope to rotate like a tug of war. This is a great need for many people. It is therefore necessary to rely on the beast.
Indra is the devil with that scheme. When done, stir it into the drinking water Amฤt. To perpetuate the devil.
It would work, but good. It takes a long period of agitation. This will make him remember it's down to earth.
Guidance must be heated to Vishnu incarnate into a giant turtle. The mountain is to shell out for Vadodara.
The retired Marine Expo agitation has long been a thousand years. Therefore, the wonders, which is 10.
Angel Island is one of the 35 million who came out to dance with the angels who bless you.
Stir together, a retired Marine and the Beast. To contribute to the pleasure never gets tired. Vishnu had
commanded.If it was me who made a stirring Batbriharika retired Marine. Also known as "Kormawtar".



Songkran is Thailand. Usually takes 13-15 days during April of each year. The duration of the festival is the Songkran period in each region may vary somewhat. Depending on the tradition of the past.
Songkran is a festival to celebrate New Year's Day to take the ancient word "Songkran" comes from Sanskrit, meaning to pass or to move through the length of the path of the sun I know the star's orbital group of 12 on 13 April is the day "Songkran", or start a new year is because. From the moment that the sun is over. From Pisces into Aries. The Earth is orthogonal to the sun The day and night. Symmetrical fit.
Thailand's traditional New Year's Day was started by giving alms to Buddhist monks and the birds are held to be independent. To fulfill wishes of the ancestors who have passed away.
Songkran is a merit for himself and the dedication of merit. Who passed away. After that I will have to sand out the measurement. The charity is very encouraging to have a good fortune, money flows like water pouring out of the carriage to measure the release of birds. Considered a whitewash, and exorcise. To put an end to a happy and prosperous.
April is a day of generosity and love for the whole family, community, social and religious members of the family have come together to express their gratitude gratitude for his visit bring. Wishes and blessings from my parents, grandmother.
Move the eye.
After the ritual bathing of Buddha and the monks who celebrate the young and old, joyfully splash water on each other.

Watering Buddha.

Watering Buddha.
Songkran Festival. In addition to rice in ice water I fish the Bird Festival parade.
Obvious affinities with other traditions. The bathing rite for the many. As part of that ceremony. To the festival. Day after I go. The bathing rite. Will be set up in the past. The Mon people Bangkradi the day.
16,17 and 18 April of each year, which was different from what happens all the Thai people.
Must prepare to pour water on the same model with a long spout.
6 In the bathroom, and furnished a conduit for water to residents only.
The rails into the bathroom. The measure is sized to accommodate the water casks. And the discharge pipe from the water.
To flow out to the bathroom to wash up easily. The obvious affinities to the bathroom.
And to pour water trough. The following reasons.
1. The monks to wash them look tidy. I pour the water.
You must meet the shifting. As well as his robe after bathing, it can be done as well, not to break any.
2. The monks were bathing in the bathroom.
3. To the villagers, especially women bathing in a place that is provided. The priest is very strict, Mon.
Ceremony of the Buddha statues and ritual of the Triple Gem of the villagers.
The bathing of Buddha was first, followed by the ฒs wish to take a bath Villagers are men. And women are separated into two groups. The woman is holding a bowl of water near the trough for a group.
Men will have water. Ngmab and fragrances for men to sit in the doorway of. Pour water into the room.
I was walking along the side of the hall.



The swan is a beautiful and artistic. The story is filled with incredible mysteries have proven not to happen. When talking about the swan and the boat has been a no less interesting. The brief history of this ship is a ship built since the reign of one by the name of "The Swan Srisuphanthavorn".
In the reign of the sixth, it is updated, the swan boats Srisuphanthavorn major disrepair. And changed its name to "swan boat", then use this name today.
The beauty and significance of the swan on the history of Thailand. The ship also has a story to tell a story that I could not believe it happened.
The incredible story of the swan that many people had heard about the procedure's troops in 2539, then your life is an amazing story that happened to own that.
"In the past here (Royal Naval Museum) is just a place to store boats only. Subsequently converted into a Museum of Royal Barges. This place is not good enough. I remember when it was determined that this place is better. The container ship of the king and one of the world.
"So they made offerings guardian goddess of boats Spirit of the Lord. And to tell you that there is a desire to do well here. The budget also needs to improve. What inspired you to make out a budget to support the development of the respect in which it was received by the budget. This is not proven. But I believe it is a long time ago ".
When it comes to แmeieanag. Your life story in a voice that thrilled. The swan boats have many elders to see her mother. A white woman with long hair, I went back and forth to the ships in the night.
"That's something that ships with this แmeieanag. I know that many of the beliefs about the boat. Because of that, the ship was one of the aircraft. There must be sacrifice ceremony. Notice of their deities or guardian goddess of boats The vessel, which is made from trees. This is believed to have a traditional ceremony. The ships, each ship will แmeieanag of it. This is based on the ship.
"The ritual sacrifice is like the swan is a common ritual offerings to pay homage to the pig, poultry, red meat, boiled sweets, boiled sweets and white. And there is a Brahmin ceremony and before the vessel to the applicant. When a ship is completed before the ship into the river, it will be calm again. In order to seek blessings and prosperity to the rowers and the military. Resident on the boat. All of which is the successor to a long tradition ".
One more thing, if you do not have the life I do not know. Dance of the swan boats are also available as a dime in front of me and behind the brand is put into the dance and ritual. According to the ancients believed that the prosperity ".
For an incredible mystery about the swan boats are out, you just have to add that the same evening. The ship will have to sacrifice all his offerings. The people who died, most often as they like to disrespect the officer is on, then it is always better to sit in the boat. The soldier was drowned by the unknown. The ice was found.
"The other one to speak of contemptuous disrespect to the scene. The pool is great. Go to drown me. For unknown reasons. In addition, two years ago here (Royal Naval Museum) has a large flood. The people here are great, it was dead. This is similar to that for years have always been dead.
"It's an incredible event and is likely to occur frequently. For the camera. The reporter asked the students if they have previously. The strange events happening to them. It is not taken. I think black and white images taken out of the need to ask for forgiveness to take a new "you have a Ferrari, with stirring.
The incredible story of the swan, it is also something that can not be proven. But for what proved to me on the swan boats. Dance and the artistic beauty of the hull that is one of the top commander of the architecture. The people who want to see the incredible beauty and want to hear about the swan boats, National Museum The ceremony. Bangkok Noi canal. Conditions under the bridge. School opposite the train station.


The royal swan.
The Royal Chronicles of King Naresuan the Great. When I went to the town of Martaban. Went to sea. The Director General of Sri Brahma Ohra PICHA Laenฆgag Chai Chan was a royal swan paddle Puttpฏimakr Tagnpcun contain the relics of Lord Buddha. He dedicated the victory to his nickname, then the whole process to the next.
The swan boats. Has been in the reign of King Naresuan the Great. In the reign of King undecim century, it's a swan boat troops.
Period to the reign of a swan with a leading Sri Srisuphanthavorn a swan. (Of the King. The vessel, carved elegance of the head end), head of the Swan The hull is black, long, 18 meters (36 feet) wide and 5 feet a further 6 inches (2.88 meters) deep, one elbow, 7 inches (0.67 meters), power (speed) 7 feet (. 3.50 m) was used to propel water paddlers, one of the ship at full speed to 3.50 m.
Srisuphanthavorn Swan yacht as she weathered it did not work when I retire. Fri 2454. The first yacht Srisuphanthavorn swan swan boat is a prototype of the aircraft. King Rama VI, which ordered the name change as a swan.
The hull is painted black outside. The hull is also painted red, long, 44.90 meters wide and 3.14 meters deep, 0.09 meters water depth of 0.41 meters was 3.50 meters Waterman 50 The fore and two master vessel 2's (the ship was at a command Waterman front seat girl said the man, the two commanding paddlers back. Kanya bench) personnel at a military flag is a signal to the wild was the architect of a ship or aircraft of Architects (Naval Architect), the swan is on the throne. The Royal Navy, Admiral Lord King of indigo (Korn Hongsakul).
The royal swan. Preserved in the Museum of Fine Arts Department at the Royal Barge Canal, Bangkok. As well as the royal yacht Onantnac. National and multi Puchgcs yacht. These boats are registered as an antique. The ceremony also holds the ceremonial position with the Naga The vessel was kept in hospital for about 50 ships of the navy in Klong Bangkok Noi.
The vessel is the vessel that protects this process that this vessel is used in the reign of King Taksin. When King Narai the Great, only the bridge.
More information.
"The royal swan" in the name of the Ayutthaya period from the reign of emperor to the throne, King Rawp.s. 2091 aircraft. The reign of the first one is called "Hong Srisuphanthavorn yacht" The boat was damaged, he ordered the reign of the six newly created. The name was changed. "The throne of the black swan is a dredge boat Krahnk etch a pattern of red and gilded. Ceremony on 13 Nov 2454 in water.
15.1 tons in weight, length, width 3.15 m 44.90 0.90 m deep draft 0.41 m, 50 oarsmen fore and the two men said the two men.
The royal swan. A legacy of the East Asian region. The expression of beauty and historical significance. The award of the World Organization of the United Kingdom by such organizations, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The husband of Queen Elizabeth. He is the Patron. He sent his letter with a statement.


Lacquer and gold leaf.

Lacquer and gold leaf.
The lacquer, gold foil, or as most people referred to as "gilded" is the decorative surface of the object of art or elements for the architecture and Thai tradition with a lacquer or paint lacquer and then covered with gold leaf over. The surface of the object of art or architectural elements for something. A glowing golden yellow and shiny as if made of gold. The belief in traditional Thai society since ancient times.
I use gold leaf lacquer. Have to be off the fourth with the same characteristics.
1. The gilded one.
2. A gilded notch staff.
3. Task and gilded glass groove.
4. Task and gilded stencil.

1. The gilded one.
Lacquer and gold leaf on Tagtึb means the art and objects. It was created with clay, wood carving, stucco or metal casting to the surface of gold and artifacts such as the skin smooth, clean example, is the gilded statue of Buddha, and so on.
2. A gilded notch staff.
The gilded gold leaf off the soundtrack to Chad. The art object, such as stucco, wood carvings, which are expressed in a decorated vehicle or equipment features traditional Thai architecture. This is a good pattern. Insert a picture from the pattern. It has been the gold leaf. Conducted with closed Tagtึb. But the difference with the "groove Chad", which is characteristic of this work. The term "groove Chad" was the word "groove" the one with "Chad", the word "groove" refers to the skin deep down to the surface normal in this case refers to a groove that has been mined delve into. a. Allow a minimum spacing of the pattern or the background that looks down into the plaster sculpture. The pattern is raised up from the background section, the term "staff" refers to the red one. Using color made for a drain or a "flying trench" in the groove of the gilded staff. May be defined as both nouns and verbs are.
Leagchad this task and gilded. Made with the intention to use red paint or fill in the grooves between the patterns. The gap between what is done. The stucco. Wood and stone carving. It will stand out from the area. Deep, low, or the space behind it.Furthermore, the use of color or bright vermilion red paint or fill in the reserve. According to tradition, and tradition as the "red" color with a dazzling brightness, which should be used in conjunction with the golden mean, so-called prosperity. "Chad and gilded grooves" or short "Chad groove".
3. Task and gilded glass groove.
Task and gilded glass groove means to love the art and objects. Types that make up the stucco, clay, wood carvings, gold leaf, and then close it. Similar with lacquer Tagtึb. The characteristics of this work is a "groove mirror" up. "Into the Groove Mirror" is the use of glass plates and cut into small rectangular pieces of various shapes suitable for its intended use. And bring it into the groove. The pattern or spacing of the gold in there. Request "groove mirror," it is the same as the glass is flying off the track as a color. And shiny. The filling of the groove or a pattern or something to push off, which is raised from the background. What's clear is that the eye itself.
4. Task and gilded stencil.
The gilded decoration stencil to look like one. Made with lacquer and gold leaf, close to the wire each time by using a stencil. Is defined. A pattern like that. This task and gilded stencil. Look for examples, see the ceiling of the stomach beam ceiling features editor in the wall of the temple, the temple tower, preaching the Buddha as a general pattern patches like pattern of stripes, coconut milk and pattern of Ragแtn pattern Blossoms or make design an interface like this Kganแieg flowers. in a spiral pattern with the pattern Krwieching gold pattern on a red background is blue and some green. This pattern is similar to the lack of it. Incoherent, as this is due to a "beam" made a stop in the stencil pattern. Each to be separated
The gilded stencil and the stencil is gilded. Is a problem, the technician in making decorated as high as the ceiling I Beam or translucent wings, which is paving over the head, a position that is hard and difficult to turn up a pattern of delicate and refined. So how do the patterns on the paper-thin goatskin already told this to the lack of it. According to the pattern. Based on the paper. When the pattern. The solution was to paint the floor. I will make a pattern. Then remove the cover attached to a pattern that needs to be fixed. Therefore, the gold leaf into the hole drilled. Make the stripes on the over. I have a good grasp of gold. Then removed from the sheep. The stencil is made like that. The stencil can be used to pattern the pattern to be unlimited. And how to make a pattern. This behavior is called. The gilded ฉlulai.



Naga, or serpent Python crest symbol of greatness. The abundance of the halo and rainbow serpent is a symbol of the stairs to the universe.
Naga is the goddess of the river. Some say that it is the god of the sky.
Belief in the dragon legend is very old. Seem to be older than Buddhism as well. Queries that originate from South India. Because of the topography of India is under forest, the snakes are abundant. Because of the snake and the physical characteristics is toxic. Snake is the man with the respect that authority. We respect the Indian snake.
Manchester is one of the animals in fairy tales and folk legends. Some say that the animals in the forest creatures. The dragon is believed widely in different regions. Asia. By a different name.
Belief in the dragon's origin is Indian. There are many fabulous stories of the serpent. Especially in the epic Mahabharata. This is an opponent of the serpent and Garuda. In the legend, the Buddha. The serpent told them many times together.
In Southeast Asia there is a widespread myth about the dragon. Villagers in this region are believed to have thousands of lives in the Mekong River. The underground cities. Are believed to have been used to find hundreds of thousands of people in the Buddhist Lent is like a snake's skin. And when they're swimming in the river to pay homage to the sacred.
The serpent, as it will vary by region. But the serpent is a snake that has a large crest in gold and red eyes. Scales like a fish, there are many different colors according to the Acts. Some are green some are black or white, it has seven. And that's important to have a snake head the family. The family, the higher will be the head of television, five, seven and nine heads head. This species is descended from orbit. Serpent serpent fraction (Onantnac Kingdom), the throne of Vishnu Vishnu, the second minister at the Ekษiirsomutr Onantnac was told that there is a great big long endless with thousands of head of the serpent in the water and on land. Born from the womb and the egg. The NF catalyst activity can be the pros and cons. Naga is often transformed into a human shape.
According to legend, the serpent had already existed before the Buddha, as Buddha after enlightenment in it. Went from town to town. To a sermon. There are times when one has come out of the palm trees of Commerce Niocrt. Trees to pick the name "Muhlints" He was happy meal Liberation 7 days once the rain falls gently Consists of a winter day, 7 days a serpent named "Muhlints" into the seventh round with a coiled cobra hood spread and cover the person with the Lord. To prevent rain and wind shall be the body. After I lost, then loosen the feathers off a transgender young man who was standing guard before a holy God. With enthusiasm
Buddhists believe that such a statue Nacprk. I usually sit on the construction of the serpent. It seems that the serpent is the throne. To achieve elegance. And the serpent is thought to protect the Prophet.
Serpent ... Bridge (Rainbow) on the earth to heaven. Or is it another name. The sacred. The belief that the rainbow serpent is the same. The bridge connecting earth to heaven itself.
Nacsadugg railing ... The church was built based on trust, "the ladder snake," he said with faith. Even when the Buddha came down from the Jump. It was by Mani Banadแkgw rainbow. The angels of heaven, and a serpent, he took two steps into the Army.
Even Lanna Tung's easing of Myanmar, it is believed that the serpent. And a ladder to heaven.
Hindus believe that the future is a bridge to normal. With the presence of God. Tract, such as Angkor Wat, so as to Wiษnuolk serpent that stretches from the little man. To the world of the sacred. Or the flow of the Northeast, which was performed in the traditional six months. I made a pattern. And a serpent. Naga will be sent to you on a blue sky and the rain came down.
In the Buddha. The serpent, the one listening to the sermon of the Buddha faith. It has transformed himself into a man's life as a monk. One day, I sleep in the daytime. After he has yet to lose a large snake. I saw other monks. The Buddha knew that the monks felt the snake away. It is a beast. Their future is very frustrating. So that his future is to call the people who get ordained in Buddhism. A memorial in their faith.
Subsequently, the Buddha states that the beast. Garuda is a snake or other animals. A false sense of life. The preceptor prior to ordination to the priesthood would have to ask. Antraiiktrrm. Or failure to make the monk, the monk is not included in paragraph 8, paragraph 8, the first one asked. "You are a man or not".
A legend about the dragon in the north as well. Sing the Legends of History, the old legend of the North itself. "Singh was the ruler of the revolutionaries who migrated from the north. Embody the serpent came to the city. And in Tspitrachtrrm. At night, it was enough to build a moat Naga Singh were the revolutionaries. The army has put all other cities and regions with the region known as the Ionian city of Wong Meng Rai the generation empire over there ".


WAT PHALAD ( From Past to Present )
Unlike many other measures. The chapel was restored in the temple or pagoda, is to knock off the old church and build a brand new sanctuary. With an enormous sum. The shimmer of glass to the rear. The measure is concrete. The remaining traces its history to be proud at all. But here was a historic decline over time has been restored maintaining the original format. To retain their local identities and Koan invaluable.
The pleasure of travel for everyone. I have many goals. But the way we walk through the West it is often a valuable experience that will add fun and make great memories while on the road quite a bit.
For those who prefer to worship Buddha at Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. Chiang Mai Province. During the trip up the mountain. You may visit the temple to meditate together and enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient and beautiful temple of Chiang Mai. The name of the slopes (Sktacami).

Dominate in the contract period. The sixth king of the Lanna kingdom. Meng Rai Dynasty (AD 1898-1928) is considered the beginning of the rise of Buddhism, especially in Chiang Mai. Many of the temples were built up together. Which include Wat Suan Dok and Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. To make a statue of Buddha. The slopes are also measured one. Has been constructed in this period. About six hundred years ago.

According to legend, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep said. Chang brought his or her Saree us to head up the hill Agaichgag. (Doi Suthep today) I have come to a stop at the top of the hill and down three times, then bend the knee to move on. It falls to the side of the creek slopes and breaks. Then went on to break again. Before arriving at Wat Phra That Doi Suthep today.

After the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. (Which is the highest. And as the saint) finished the Kue in agreement with the initiative to built up a fleet of three measurements of the elephant stopped. To commemorate the official cast of the statue of the Buddha. When completed, but we believe the people who maintain these metrics. The three temples.

A. Measured Soda Panna Ram. The third measure is emptied. Located at the top of the hill, the elephant down to the knee three times. (Bend the knee to the city called the "emptied") is now an abandoned temple in the area of ​​the slopes.
Two. The Sktacami Wanaram or the slopes are located at the train stop along the Chang Huai river slopes.
Three. The Onacami Wanaram. The serpent or a swan bike. Located nearby. Area on Chakri Sirindhorn Observatory. Expected to be a swan or a peacock in the area lived a lot in that time. Is the origin of the name. The remaining waste is now the only remains of pagodas and the remains of the small chapel.
It is noteworthy that the location of the four measurements made. The point is to see the city is quite obvious analogy is to look down to earth by the Honourable Lord achieve good long recognized the different layers and for those who are not out to get her mind and in order to achieve the death drive. maximum effect is achieved as a Buddhist saint.

Buddha Dharma Raj Misr Olktatu Dilok

History of Buddha Dharma Raj Misr Olktatu Dilok. Jed Wat Arun.
Payday Loans Temple of the Dawn "is located at 34 Arun Amarin Road, Bangkok, Wat Arun in Bangkok with the pagoda is a unique symbol of the river. As a measure of the reign of King Rama II. His reign has been praised by the corporate culture of the United Nations. He is the creator of the world culture.
Prang made remarkable that this is one of Bangkok's high and 8 meters or 16 meters, but the pagoda is seen today with the addition of the new reign was the third time at the temple of Wat Arun. The new measure. The pagoda body is restored to a height of 13 meters to a line with an elbow to an inch or an advance of about 67 meters, the pagoda is surrounded by miles and miles Buddha Phra Prang decorated with tiles made in beautiful patterns.


Bayon Buddha Image.

Bayon Buddha Image.
"Art by the Buddha," Buddha is in the County. That is close to the Buddha Image in Ayutthaya. But unlike Buddhist art out. Can be considered within the greater prosperity of the capital city. Some point in time. Fri 1780. This is the first time the presence of "Sukhothai" in the context of history soon. The name of the king. Jayavarman the 7th he was driving an art that has developed due to the sin of art and the art of Angkor Wat. It is well known among historians and archaeologists as the "art by the" up.
He has taken a central feature of the Buddhist, built in the reign of God is "by the Castle" is called an art form. It expresses the continued development of the Mahayana Buddhist doctrine of sin. In the year. Fri 1560-1630 and Angkor Wat.
In the year. Fri 1650-1715 Philippe York, NY (Phillipe Starne) art historian said. "We may know the Bayon style of Khmer art. Of symptoms, and feeling unseen faces smile, "which means to put it into a sculpture. The characteristics of the Bayon style.
Buddhist art form by the influence of the statue of the Buddha, the County is high. Aged around 17-18 century (AD 1600 to December 1700) This image is influenced by both the Hinayana and Mahayana doctrine. Which are imported from Cambodia Cambodia The art of Angkor Wat and the Bayon. The Hinayana and Mahayana Buddhist cults. The Brahmin.
The Buddha is that "the County" That's because when they came to power in Cambodia, Indochina Peninsula. And the Cambodian capital. The capital city as his capital. The radiated power from the Chao Phraya basin. The city is one of the Viceroy. "Lavo or Lopburi town," and ruled the city outpost outside the city. And the northern city of Sukhothai, Sukhothai. The southernmost city of Phetchaburi. Because the Buddha's craftsmanship as a large number of Eastern and Northeastern Thailand.
Archaeologists are the currency of this image as "the County" by the viceroy of a Khmer name. The Buddha nature is only to consider the following.
There are many styles such as the Ektumala a spiral pattern on the cover of ฝachi Idol crown. Or a lotus leaf and so on and so on, see a song. (To put his head), a tiara However, until there was always a big line Srivijaya. And a headdress. Also known as common as a feather. His ERA is like human hair. It is common that a comb. Please have some rough or wrinkled face, wide mouth size and the Lord stood Prahnu bluff. Clothing and blanket covers. The Lord of the sitting. Clothing and blankets to cover and the way to dress a robe over a Buddhist priest's shoulder Sagฆaฏi a long stretch down to the navel edge Antrwask (Level D) will be revealed on the line. Most of his ears and a long stretch of the sub menu Agsa. Tofu is a celebration of the era, bracelets, arm and base are both secondary Pracd lotus lotus lotus facing down. The lotus effect is the same. And a face like the lotus.
In the capital city. "Nacprk statue" will be highly appreciated. Since the sin of the Art Gallery of Angkor Wat and Bayon through. Especially in the arts and the sin of the Angkor Wat. Most of the Buddha Nacprk IX. The carvings on the lintel of the central Prang Prasat Hin Phimai. And Buddha. Nacprk achievement excavated in this region is. "The Art City" as a Buddhist monk Nacprk. Wat Phra Sri Ratana Maha County has been influenced by the elements. "The sin of the art".
"Buddha Bayon Nacprk art" are made of cast bronze and sandstone. Discovery of various sizes in the year. Fri 2476 were excavated. Nacprk large Buddha statue in the middle of the castle "by the Castle," The Buddhist art of casting a bronze statue will be of different sizes. Since very small to large. But the Buddhist art is one big round eyes my eyes he was naked. A smile on his face. The unique art of this era. And the floating sculptures are still popular due to the first.
But "art by the" will of the Buddha, IX and IX. The song consists of a tiara High conical crown of the head, wearing a knit. Since the filter has a small Auba adorned by some who have Tagkr bracelet (a bracelet) Gold King (ankle bracelets), and earring (pendant) decorated

Khmer Art in Thailand. (Century 12 - 18).

Khmer Art in Thailand. Mainly in the south east. The spread to the north east and central regions. The art work created in the Hindu religion. The idol is a majority. To create a little respect for religion. And is often associated with Buddhism was - vehicles, although the Khmer art is old as Century 12, but the Khmer art in Thailand, mostly between the ages of Century 16 - 18, which is an art to contemporary. The sin of Angkor Wat and the Bayon at the very latest. Nacprk Buddha. Buddha in the sin of it. The effect is Prahnu (Chin) is a groove around the loop - a small head. Form the concave front edge just below the navel (umbilicus) and the curve reaches the center. In the Angkor Wat. Buddha has a square face. Color his face grim. Eyes wide. Tofu is made by Buddha coronet (face shield) and a crown decorated with cone filter, and if the ice. You are far Nacprk. Snake is a snake soup with a radius as well. In his talk, which was the heyday of the Khmer empire. Mahayana Buddhism flourished greatly. Buddha is a special kind of art, especially by the signs it. The - eyes closed, look downward to focus and calm the popular "It's a policy".


Buddha Buddha Dlamini.(PraputmahaThammaracha)
Buddha is a sacred province of Phetchabun. He's a diamond with a finish. Sacred Buddha image is enshrined at Wat Phra Maha temple Mon County.
London is the worlds Dlamini Buddha statue and meditation. Lopburi Art IX. Create a bronze gold width: 13 inches Height 18 inches without base.
Buddha nature in the presence of potential in his ears, wide mouth, long stretch of the Agsa sag. The head of the Chada headdress. Or Tiara. Since the chain of the bracelet. This is a beautiful Pracd.
Why Buddha is called Buddha Dlamini. Because the body to wear jewelry of ancient warrior kings. Villagers are often called. "Dlamini Buddha".
Dlamini assumed that the Buddha was built in 1600 year reign of King Jayavarman the sixth king of the Khmer empire. During that time, the monks are invited to deal with the monk. It also said that the monk can know that certain animals. Once completed, it is 9 days 9 nights festival celebration.
But when King Jayavarman 7 before the throne of the king. Mr Dlamini to the Buddha King Pha Muang. To develop friendly relations also with my daughter that she names the Mhaetwi. The name of the son. LA Gem presence of Sri Sri Indra's Tit Tit Jersey or New Jersey. The Pho Khun Pha Muang and Pho Khun Bang in the sky Sukhothai was recovering from the Khmer in the defeats of the problem, then Pho Khun Pha Muang. The establishment of the King are in the air The king of Sukhothai.
I made her throw was not pleased with the Buddha Mhaetwi Dlamini. The Pa Sak River. And she had a dead time, a town of fishermen to go fishing. But then the Buddha Dlamini. What is the abbey church was the Antichrist. (The monastery church was the Antichrist has not been created), located in the city Mon Tue deals were seen as a miracle. This is the Buddha. It is sacred Buddha images. This will bring up from the river that brought people to the temple shrine to worlds to which the 15 lunar months, 10 days of the Thai Buddha Dlamini. Has gone out of the three worlds.
The abbot of the monastery and the villagers have searched for is found in the Buddha Dlamini. Dip is the first time around. And so they did. By the 10th day of the 15th lunar month is the Buddha Dlamini parade around the city. The front of the three worlds. The governor of the province. Representing the world. Buddha is carried into the black water Dlamini and 4 km, which is the prosperity of the province. It is traditionally held in the diving world. To this day.
The destination. It is believed that The tradition of holding water. The shoots of gold. Agricultural growth is seasonal rain fall. Into a sacred tradition that the Buddha summoned Dlamini diving. The effect will be that only the state with such a position. Comparable to the ancient city. This is the largest in the city. The sacrifice of a large The city is concerned about the welfare of the people there and is known as a retention to secure the future of Buddhism. Body is sacred Buddha images. The others are not brought to the city water is not replaced. If any year is to invite the Buddha to dive the world believed that the country will be drought. Famine The Buddha is missing.
The tradition of holding water. To reflect the unity of the world. To inherit and preserve the cultural heritage of this place. The current value with a Buddha statue in the Buddha Temple Dlamini measured the three worlds worlds A. Muang Thai Kingdom in time for the festival every year. The ceremony will be summoned to carry the water.
Buddha is enshrined in the day. For people to worship it. During prayer in spiritual blessings. Appears to be known as. I have come to worship Buddha Dlamini. The peace of mind. Successful fulfillment of the desire in all respects.


Nacprk Statue.

Nacprk statue.
Pang Nacprk is called Buddha nature meditation. The serpent, the head of a cobra hood spread from the shoulder to the present head of the Buddha. But as a human serpent is a snake, a cobra hood 7 is a present from the shoulder to his head. Acted in a manner that serpent worship Buddha. Later, the serpent is a snake curled up into a Buddha sitting on a dragon. The head of the serpent cobra hood and seven heads are dirty.
After Buddha had attained enlightenment. He was transformed into a residence for Muti to succeed in life to various locations in the area, not far from the Prasrimahabhodi stamped by 7 days each week and in week three. The Buddha sat under the tree at Muhlints (the logic), which lies southeast of the Prasrimahabhodi. Buddha sat when he came here. Rain and wind have created a cold drizzle falling seven days uninterrupted. The author has composed Buddha told the Naga that the "aim and Ma" was more of a pond in the same area of ??the ring portion 7 and the cobra hood roll cover life. To prevent wind, rain, the wind and rain splash splash when it comes to the body portion so similar to the dragon dawn. And yet the sex life of young man standing guard before a holy God. He exclaims that God is the light.
"The happiness of the people, forgotten is the one I've heard it all sounds to me as true, however. Fixation does not encroach on the animals and the absence of sexual desire or be able to violate all the waste. The good life in the world. The lack of Asomimana or phone if they do it (hold it) to put an end to a very happy
Buddha sat when he ate my liberation Bosch palm trees Niocrt at the end of 7 days, he went to eat sitting fielder enjoyed a logic tree, which was the focus for Flint, which is located north of the Southeast Prasrimahabhodi. The rain and drizzle in the unremitting aim for 7 days and thousands of Flint. A king snake. Had to leave Earth orbit. Made by the body portion 7 and the cobra hood spread above the mantle. Eswtฉatr same monks who have the Lord. With the intention to make a splash in the rain and wind chills to the body. Midges, mosquitoes and protect Rin slug sluts and all the reptiles. Time lost to rain. Paya Beach Resort and Flint serpent. So similar around the body portion of the Buddha, yet were less young man standing among their religious worship. In in front of the king or queen Order that the people there and he has voiced an exclamation that cushy in Waco various rules they ? ? in Atlanta said over USB Thomas Roller Chiapas reflects growing up drug problems in later Su prison environment for a Pana Mountain State into alarm. bombard the toilet Wiraca modern Barcelona and Utrecht in the Atlanta Athletic They do not reflect modern Aswan in Hermanus in Western art, just like Joel said during the cell's likely that a person's life, forgotten the wrong that has been heard. Now all of a mind to. The people are not persecuted. The fixation of the animals. And a lack of sexual desire. Violate all the above is possible. Sent out to the world of Mana in Aswan. They are considered to be extremely happy with this. Jariya Buddha sitting on his liberation happy meal. Focus within the portion of the serpent and the serpent that coiled out in the body of this. This is why the statue is known as the Pang Pang Nacprk Nacprk this story. By a ride on a portion of the serpent as a snake is the throne of grandeur. Valiant is the glory of His power one. It is the God of the Brahmins. To preserve the history of the Buddha. It is more like one. Buddha with a dragon wrapped around the body portion of the serpent to 4-5 pieces and cover the body entirely. To prevent rain and wind. As you can see, it's just the ice and his head was very Agsa. The cobra hood spread above the serpent's head is covered with.

Guardian Giant

Giant in Temple
Wat Arun or Wat Chang is the most famous on “Giant”. Because the two giants as Sahassdeja (White Giant) and Ravana (Emerald Giant) all are appeared with well-known Ta-Tien legend before they stand in front of the temple and make merit. Their hand holds big clubs at the top of the temple arch. But the White Giant and Green Giant at present time are created by artisan in the reign of King Rama III. Giants designed with an actor's mask. It doesn’t models which created by Luang Theprotchana (Kun) who is the greatest artisan of Rattanakosin era.
There’s no any record of an initial of these two giants that was pulled down by the natural disaster. How does it differ? But the researcher assumes that all are fascinating architecture.
Giant with Thai belief
Giant knows as a guardian and prevents all bad things so he always stands in the heart of every Thai people. Though his face looks very angry without friendly smile and also his fangs make anyone is afraid of him but those cannot fight with his goodness as same as everyone knows.
Moreover, giant shows that cannot judge anyone at an exterior image because the beauty at the sight might be hided the harmfulness. So we should to learn more each other especially the habit.



Norasinghas an incarnation of Vishnu.
The ancient people built Norasing the protection of places of worship. The fear of man will be destroyed.
The parish priest had told him about how Norasing. He is Vishnu incarnate Norasing were able to subdue the ruthless monster named Kong to run in Lehi Sor. We have thousands of head and left arm, right side down to two thousand. Satan's sin, he not only vulgar but also aim high Wishes to be a major Third World. And trying desperately to maintain their status out. Sympathy for the devil that God is not asceticism for one hundred years. I then burned himself to take the oil to their gods. Vulnerable to abuse. Satan has asked to be a big opportunity in the world. And not to the death with any weapon. Whether it is day or night. Humans or animals are not killed her. Whether the city or town. Whether on land or in water. God bless them for anything. Satan is a supernatural power over the people to suffer. Vishnu was the most unbearable. It appears as a Norasing. Than people not animals. The demon prince at the gates. Is not considered to be outside at dusk or in the catalyst for the water in the ocean flood gates. That is not on land and in water. Norasing and killed with a claw. Than any weapon.
The teachers are static and you end up with a poem Norasing public eye, spread wood ...
"Tens of thousands to flee to other countries in the world.
The lever should move away from it.
But it is one which has escaped death.
I do not have to be alone ".


Pra Sang Khan Chaisri

Only when his sword Khan Chaisri handle 25.5 cm 65 cm 75.5 cm long sheath body 101 cm, weight 1900 g.
King Khan is the King Khan for his antiques. Fried fishermen flock to the lake, New York City line. Section 2327 on the Chao Phraya Poebs forgiveness of (flat), the ruler of the Khmer. Invitation to His Majesty King Rama I the Great Offering. Whereas the handle and sheath with gold or gems adorn the regalia dating.
King Khan was invited to New York City Bat hands fall to 7 of this number has dropped to second in the Grand Palace and the door is a wonderful Chaisri. And Pi Chaisri. This is why the two-door chain Chaisri by the Khan with his.
Khan looks like a sword Chaisri. The King Khan, as it has two sharp spike. The main base of the Hindu god Cremtag Khan. Vishnu is the Garuda below. Indra on the elephant. Each episode is built around a facade Ruankaew. Stacked one above another. Khan is the holder of the gold enamel decorated stones. The upper part of the handle as lotus petal. And the upper part of Garuda carrying a lotus. The center handles make this page Kganแieg Singh. And a shorter shaft to be stacked in a scroll of The City. Gold and enamel sheath at the base of the pod. The pattern in the center of the stone is decorated with stencils.
Writer: chanok, Date: 29-07-2011 11:28:28.
It is the regalia of the Japanese sword. However, Thailand's King Khan is a sign of intelligence. The king could cut down the whole problem.
The sword is the Baroque Khan Chaisri not another magic weapon. It is made from the ancient Khmer built Angkor Wat, but I caught all along the lake to Siem Reap. When King Rama I the Great. He was crowned. It was a fumble, and graciously offered him.
Moreover, the Khan came to the city by subsonic. The lightning strike within seven days of the Khan was taken to Bangkok. Once through the door to the palace of the Khan of the way through. The King's skyline is set against the door, according to Khan. "Gates of Chai Si magic".
Therefore, the King Khan will be placed into official use in drinking water, which ceremony to swear in ถือน้ำพระพิพัฒน์สัตยา. To devastate morale of people think is bad for the earth will eventually fall to spear with a sharp blade.
Scholars to pondering the question, but before long the sword Chaisri Khan has come to? From?
The answer is the same as most. Khan Chaisri sword. The motto of the Khmer capital city. Since the Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, with the evidence in the inscriptions of the Sukhothai Wat Si Chum Khmer Angkor kingdom of God at that time. King "Khan Chaisri" The King of the Pha Muang Sukhothai Sukhothai With my daughter called the Mhaetwi a princess.
King Khan's sword Chaisri rock this town. To know some of you have commented that it was an important witness that God is King Pha Muang Thong to dominate the Sri Sri Ram's Ayodhya city. (Or later Ayutthaya), because in the annals of that line. The Thong Thao came from Sukhothai. (Sukhothai, Sukhothai), and the establishment of Ayutthaya.
However, in Lavo, dating from the Ayutthaya was a "family" of Angkor Wat, Cambodia - Angkor already. It would entail Chaisri Khan sword of Lavo is common. Is not unusual.
The guy is a national of Thailand does not understand and do not get the political rule of the airport a "family" through marriage. Non-European imperialism, colonialism era.

In Siam the President.

In Siam the President is a sacred thing, since the reign of King Mongkut Rama 4, in the reign of King Rama. His Majesty the King. Thailand has the freedom to be almost there. But there is a chance to escape the danger has always been. Perhaps it would be a fairy sanctuary of the Lord. Should be made to the deities they worshiped. He graciously. His inventions of the century molding is fictitious. The cast gold. The idol of a satyr with a height of 8 inches IX was crowned King Khan stood right hand. The left hand is raised in sup port of the Aura. Ruankaew sat in with sandalwood. Chinese pavilion style castles. And his name is. The President ordered the Siam angel enshrined at his vast palace. In the Grand Palace.
King Rama I, King Mongkut. He worshiped the divinity President of Siam is very high. He offered to pay a daily basis. And the sacrifice offered every Tuesday and Saturday before the game. And ordered. Tribute to host the Angels in the first lunar month which falls on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year with traditional. Both are rumored to be the President of the Siam Tewa sacred to the Lord. Bath of King Rama V. I respect the President of the Siam divinity. Just like his father. In addition to being ordered. To create a statue of King Mongkut. The King of Siam in the divinity of Lord Buddha at the President Palace, the Dusit Throne Hall Amporn place. To worship the Lord. Also ordered. To the President of the Siam angel sitting in the back of the coin for a fraction of which are Rep and Soros in his reign with.
In the present reign. His Majesty the King. He graciously. The Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn's. A senior royal. His Majesty the King of Siam, their sacrifice was an angel of Education in the fifth lunar month and the city celebrated 200 years in 2525 had ordered. In the President to summon Siam tea out of the general public worship for the first time. Thai people have believed that ancient country that has a preserver of the angels. Sukhothai is the message I'm a sacred belief that "if they are well implemented. Country's prosperity. But if they are not well implemented. The impoverished country, "the message was understood that I'm a stone idol of the girl, now known as the Divine Mother, which she believed to be built to commemorate King Ramkhamhaeng was the mother of Mrs. Tiger.
In the Ayutthaya period and subsequent to the early Rattanakosin period. It is believed that the angels who protected the country. His shirt was in the city and the city was the prince as the King has the meaning of the images in that shirt. The Mullin Tarifa power. The military power. The city is the Civic's power. The power of the civil service. The city is the new Medical Power. The judicial power. The country that is peaceful and meaningful. It consists of a strong military. Good governance. Justice process and the accuracy. However, the locals are also very respectful to his dark glasses and he has vowed that the glass is very dark lips. Glass is the Emerald Buddha, which is regarded as the national real The name of the period, it means that it is the dam of the Emerald Buddha or Wat Phra Kan Chai Si is the subject of the lyrics. Has led to grave human soul.
The New President of Siam, which was built in the Rattanakosin period. Maha Bodhi Master Wong Sakia was a natural. He tells us that.
Named "Phra Siam Review of Education" that It is the duty of any one. The name of anyone in particular. And served as the President of the New Siam changed. Change in the person of the appropriate time period. If you have not fixed that one has held this position will be a few years. To live forever.

Molding and casting Buddha images.

Molding and casting Buddha images.
The higher statues of Buddhist art. The symbol of Lord Buddha we Buddhists all worship. As a reminder to focus on morality. With the advent of the Buddha is. Have discovered evidence of ancient artifacts at India. The reign of King Asoka. He has faith in Buddhism, so far as to raise the national religion. But in those days, no Buddha to be worshiped. Only Pochniiwanttu Created to worship instead of the GNU fall deer and so on.
Later, after the death of the Buddha Dabkants it has been created by the Buddha for the first time it was carried out by the Greeks. The people who invaded India. Colonization of the God of Alexander the Great. The Greeks, who have the expertise to create the sculpture is different gods. When I was in India, the veneration of the Buddha is a Buddha statue represents Buddha came to worship.
The building has two large Buddha statue is larger. Buddha and small. Buddha with a lap of 20 inches or more for a larger image. Created by the principal in a church or temple. But it was God that we worship the Buddha, one must take months to years. This reason it is known as the founder It was a passion and a high tolerance.
The complexity of step with the vast variety. Buddha sculpture, casting a combination of skilled technicians in the field, among them almost all the sculpture cast technician or gold only. So polished and so gilded. The statue is the creation of three steps.
Making process.
The ancient potter's clay of the yellow. "I was BoA" mixing with sand. By stepping into it. Then, the mold parts. It is the Lord. If it is a large statue of Buddha. The mold may be different. Separation of the body as his fingers in his ears Emedprask radius and then put together later. Lord, decorate the outer and the inner core is proportional to the pure beauty of modern art.
When making or printing it to the stage. The wax. This is another craft that requires a great deal of experience and expertise. (Made of wax honeycomb to a boil, simmer until soft hands. Then mixed with a resin filter with a thin white waxy texture resolution) while immersed in water. Then apply a thin clay. Print on both sides of the coated surface and the sand is homogeneous. Fill out the wax is then poured into a print out of the tub. This process requires special care. The heat from the molten wax powerful hands and fingers were swollen red. Molding wax is poured into a round bar is stuffed firmly into the printer. Use a knife to cut out the excess wax. Dip down into the water while it can be carved out of a wax tablet. The other minor details. This will be a hit. The wax is then printed onto the wood and wax, grinding Ruak a pattern cut out of the Lord.
Before I apply cow dung on the wax model before. In order to flatten the meat of the series. The key is to maintain the clarity of shape and texture of the Lord is good. (A mixture of cattle manure, cattle manure is to live. Macungie only water. Filter by some whites. Then mixed with clay soils), apply cow dung on the wax model repeatedly pitching wedge into 3 layers of the weight of the robot to balance. (Toys are usually made of steel) Shares applied on dried cow dung, clay mixed with sand to eyes all over again. Pre-exposure to wind or sun dried.
The next process is to wire this is an important step because the wire is wrapped around the model for the protection of the soil when it gets hot. The robot will be damaged and may need to start a new one from the ground. When a steel finish. The clay plaster mold over the wire again, now. This procedure is called a sleeve over the glass or slate, and then make my way to the mouth of gold only.
The casting of Buddha images.
It is a process of casting the Buddha as the "gold only" meant to ignite a fusion of metals such as brass, copper, gold or bronze is melted, then pour the liquid metal into molds or gold. The foundry is a process that requires time and patience. The molten copper is at least 10 hours of casting, the use of wood as fuel to burn coal for cooking and use the robot in a foundry. The first gold stocks need to light fires to spew hot wax to make a puppet in the melt flowing out of the mold until the fuse box. Molds and baked until it's cooked, ready to cast.
Casting a Buddha statue made of scaffolding for gold only. Buddha with a large or very high. I will use it to splice the two pieces. When the fire dies at the same time, gold ingots, then melted in a crucible. Bao Tong was set up to be poured into the mold. The gold content of the same, otherwise it will not be as homogenous.
After the gold content of gold in a mold, let it be cool to break the mold and dust out. Removing the wire tie die out. Remove or cut out, then toss them around the sanding coarse rasp. Buddha is successful, it will appear prominently.
The finished image.
Buddha on breaking the mold off the surface of the Lord is uneven. The deposits appear around the burn and then when I need to be sanded and polished. The polishing machine used in the pendant with the Lord and smooth, flat surface. Then the polishing cloth is soft and fluffy towels are contrary to the shiny red polish increases the gloss. And then gilded with the Lord before I wash them clean. I used pearl powder mixed together until thick and hard hands. Bring the water to spread love all over his body left for about 10-20 days.
When I dry polished with sandpaper to remove once it's sharp and smooth out the waves. Rinse thoroughly and let it dry. When Lord dipped paint brush dry thoroughly. Wait for it to air dry, then use my coat again. Lord covered with a damp cloth and leave it for about 10 minutes, then turn out to see. I have not agreed when the water is available. Off and then spread throughout the body. When it comes to complete the formalities Ebikpraentr. Black eye, black onyx for use as an egg shape. White pearl shell fire. Peel off the outer shell. Garnish with a rasp, then brings me to the water with a pearl. (Banana leaves, dry burn it to heat that up) in one side to stick the head in one of the eye is a one time put in vinyl to surf the magic word "Tip optic optic patch cylinder in Shanghai Relaxation perfect" finished. Buddha statues and ritual casting.