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Songkran is Thailand. Usually takes 13-15 days during April of each year. The duration of the festival is the Songkran period in each region may vary somewhat. Depending on the tradition of the past.
Songkran is a festival to celebrate New Year's Day to take the ancient word "Songkran" comes from Sanskrit, meaning to pass or to move through the length of the path of the sun I know the star's orbital group of 12 on 13 April is the day "Songkran", or start a new year is because. From the moment that the sun is over. From Pisces into Aries. The Earth is orthogonal to the sun The day and night. Symmetrical fit.
Thailand's traditional New Year's Day was started by giving alms to Buddhist monks and the birds are held to be independent. To fulfill wishes of the ancestors who have passed away.
Songkran is a merit for himself and the dedication of merit. Who passed away. After that I will have to sand out the measurement. The charity is very encouraging to have a good fortune, money flows like water pouring out of the carriage to measure the release of birds. Considered a whitewash, and exorcise. To put an end to a happy and prosperous.
April is a day of generosity and love for the whole family, community, social and religious members of the family have come together to express their gratitude gratitude for his visit bring. Wishes and blessings from my parents, grandmother.
Move the eye.
After the ritual bathing of Buddha and the monks who celebrate the young and old, joyfully splash water on each other.